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How to Keep a Linoleum Floor From Being Slippery

Linoleum floors are durable and long-lasting. They are also potentially dangerous as they can become quite slippery. The best way to prevent a slippery linoleum floor is vigilance. It’s easy to avoid slipping on linoleum with appropriate care and attention.

Shoes Off
Shoes track in dirt, sticky residue and other material from outside. Removing shoes at the home’s entrance will prevent these substances from touching the linoleum floor. Provide a pair of clean, indoor shoes for those who prefer to wear shoes inside. These shoes should have traction to prevent slipping on the linoleum. The soles of many slippers and sandals are too slick.

Don’t Ignore the Spill
Whenever there is a spill, immediately clean it up. A single paper towel is sufficient for most spills. Ignored spills will attract additional residue. The longer a spill sits untouched, the harder it becomes to clean. A dry spill may require special attention and a cleaning solution to remove. Transparent spills catch people unaware and can create a dangerous situation.

Proper Cleaning
Cleaners N1 recommend you to keep linoleum floors clean at all times to reduce slipping accidents. Regular sweeping will eliminate large particles of dust, dirt and sand. A linoleum floor should receive a deep clean from time to time as well. Mopping is the easiest way to thoroughly clean linoleum floors. Allow plenty of time for the floors to dry before entering the room again.

Special Products
Home improvement stores carry special cleaners for linoleum that reduce its slipperiness. These sprays and cleaners help increase traction on linoleum floors. To keep the coating fresh, these products must be used regularly.

Avoid Certain Products
Cleaners Chiswick do not recommend you use any kind of polish on linoleum. Polish may make the linoleum look nice and shiny, but it will make the floor much more slippery. Certain chemical cleaners contain agents which can be harmful to linoleum. Make sure to read the labels before use. Test cleaners on a small patch of hidden linoleum to make sure it won’t cause any harm.

Socks Off
Wearing socks on a linoleum floor increases the chance of slipping. Socks have very little grip on any kind of surface. For young toddlers learning to walk, either remove their socks or buy special socks with grip on the bottom. Finding these socks for toddlers can be difficult but is worth the effort.

Consider Rugs
Rugs are a great way to avoid many of the pitfalls of linoleum altogether. Place them almost anywhere to add an instant splash of stylish design. Rugs gives young children a soft surface to play on. These floor coverings also prevent pets from slipping on linoleum. Regular vacuuming keeps rugs clean.

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