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Good and Bad Cleaning Habits | Common Cleaning Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that every home cleaner makes. Getting rid of the bad cleaning habits will improve your practices. Through learning some good tricks you might actually become a better housekeeper overall. We go room by room analysing the most common elements of poor attitude towards cleaning.

In The Kitchen:

Bad Habit: You need your cleaning tools to be clean – a common mistake is leaving a sponge that besides looking pretty poor, emits mould-like odours.
Good Habit: The logical decision is to simply replace it every couple of weeks with a new one. To extend the durability of the sponge it is essential to dry it up well before putting it somewhere out of contact with a solid surface that will not allow it to breathe. For example, you can hang it on the end of the dish dryer. Drying for a minute in the microwave is a good idea. Another proper practice is to run it through the dishwasher.

Another Poor Practice: If your wooden pieces are valuable to you and will be needed for longer it is not very sensible to put them in the dishwasher. Besides the damage that the heat does to the wood, those cracks that can be opened in it can easily hold some of the dish-washing detergent and then dissolve in the meal you cook. The right thing to be done is to hand-wash them.

In The Living Room:

Carpet Cleaning’s Poor Habit: Approaching the vacuum cleaning by following one and the same route. Different motions every time means the fibres will be tackled from all angles, which will maximise the quality of the clean. Besides different approach every time it is good to try and attack the grime from different positions at the moment of the cleaning itself.

Bad Habit When Cleaning the TV: Screens should be cleaned in a special way. The common mistake here is that people use all-purpose cleaners for dealing with this surface. The Right Thing – cleaning London experts will advice you to get an antistatic solution for screens. However, a slightly wet microfibre cloth might do the trick, with the only difference that dust will be accumulated quicker.
In The Bathroom:

The Poor Habit Towards the Wet Towels: Hanging a wet towel over another one will result in a poor odour coming from them. This is because they stop the air from circulating in between them and they cannot dry properly. Proper Practice: Depending on the type of hanger you have, make sure you place those towels the right way.
In The Bedroom:

The Poor Habit of Not Cleaning the Closet: Moths would thrive in your wardrobe – feeding with your clothes and shoes. Even if it is closed space dust has an access to it. Do the Right Thing: At least annually, give it a complete overhaul. Move everything out of the closet. Then, the rest is easy – wipe all the shelves, surfaces, sides, and the back of the doors with a universal cleaner. Shake your clothes, especially the seasonal ones, to get the dust out of them and bring them back in. Cleaners South Kensington remind: avoid the poor habits to achieve optimal results for the practices you use.

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